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Some of the urological problems that we are afraid to reveal, such as shame, hesitation, may come out as big health problems over time.

In our urology clinic; Our friendly and experienced urologists provide diagnosis and treatment of all infections involving the urological system such as kidney, urinary tract, bladder, prostate, urinary tract stones, sexually transmitted diseases, male infertility, sexual dysfunction without regard to sex discrimination.

Urinary tract, bladder and prostate diseases are diagnosed by uroflow and cystoscopy method and the prostate is operated with TUR closed and open. The medical and surgical interventions of the urinary incontinence disease are performed successfully by our experienced specialist doctors of all urological system cancer surgeons.

Kidney Stone Breaking Method with Holmium Flexible Laser

Kidney and urinary tract stones are one of the most common diseases in our society. With Holmium Flexible Laser technology, treatment of urinary tract stones is becoming easier.

Holmium Flexible Laser is a system used in Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) operations in kidney, ureter, bladder stones, urethral stricture, urinary system tumors. In the Department of Urology at Avcılar Hospital, Holmium Flexible Laser technology is successfully applied, which can break up stones without any incisions on the body, thus allowing patients to return to their daily lives in a very short time.


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