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Written Article Uzm. Psk. Öznur Özkoca

Article History 05 Nisan 2019

Toys that children can not give up affect the personality of children significantly. Toys are an important tool not only to distract children but also to improve their mental functioning. For this reason, families should not choose to be nice toys that come only to make their children happy.
With toys, children's games are enriched and their physical abilities are growing. Öznur Özkoca, a psychologist from the Hospital Child Psychology Department, told the toys that affected the emotional and mental states and development of children.
Mental and physical effects of Toys
Toys have serious effects on children's emotional, mental and physical development. Physical and motor development of children; reach, crawling, climbing and balance-de-durmasıyla develop. The fine motor development is developed with small toys. Fine motor development of small muscles (hands, feet, ankles, etc.)..) includes coordination. Fine motor skills require the use of the muscles in the hands and the use of eye muscles for attention. Examples of these; activity tables, executables, blocks, Legos, toys that support engine development that require throwing and pulling. The child realizes what he can do as a result of a simple set of actions by making his movements more coordinated in the first year of his life.

Despite toys that affect emotional development, children can reveal their desires and desires, learn about their fears and bad experiences and overcome them. With the game, the child's awareness of the environment increases. The child experiences compliance with the rules, waiting-to-share, struggling, taking risks, i.e. social relations with others. These are also happening in cultural experiences. The game is influenced by climate, gender, culture and the age of life.

When the child feels safe while playing, he / she contributes positively to his / her emotional development. In addition, a strong bond between the child and the parent is formed when the child's games are included in the midwife-ores.

Toy Selection
First of all, the toy to be chosen should be suitable for the child's age and level of access. Every child, regardless of age and gender, must be enchanted by play and toys. However, choosing the right toy is of grave importance. Therefore, it is very important for families to choose toys that will support the child's development. However, from time to time, families have the wrong toy preferences.

Electronic toys, for example, are toys of this type. In general, because it allows the child to play alone, it causes problems in terms of socialization and imprisons the child in a restricted place.

Such toys blind the child's creativity and lead him to grow up as a socially retracted individual.

War games and weapons also lead the child to exhibit and develop an aggressive attitude towards his / her environment and family. War games cause the child to experience problems in adapting to social life, and act against the rules of the anti-social society. The war games that are set up to destroy a creature cause negativity in the child after a while until the feeling that it is normal.

Selection Of Age
In the process until the child is one year old, çingırak style toys, reduce tooth extraction itching-CAK hygienic plastic spoons may be preferred. In the process of Labor, cloth toys, cars and animals will attract more attention. It is very important for the child's mental development to be told by parents and parents of the story books made up of pictures. After you start walking, you can easily choose to push and pull at the same time (cars, small size baby carriages). 2-3 years old; mini room sets, repair tools, 4-6 years old; especially in these ages, playing outdoors is the ideal age for socialization and companionship. At the same time, it can also be useful to do activities that support intelligence development such as painting and cardboard. Symbolic games are also very important during these periods. Symbolic games are games that are played as if they exist. The home game is made like drinking tea from a cup, and the idea of a stick as a sword is one of the main games of this period. After 6 years of age, school period has started and toy selection, play areas will differ. Mainly football, basketball, watching TV, cycling and illustrated books will attract more attention. However, it should not be forgotten that techno-logic devices, TV watching, tablet, mobile phone devices such as the lack of attention in children, therefore should be allowed in limited form.

Selection Of Toys By Gender
Both girls and boys should have household toys because in the children's life there are both parents, men and women. There is nothing as natural as a boy trying to cook with toy pots by mimicking his mother. But as a mother and father, he said to the child, “you are a boy, don't play with a girl.” if said, it could increase when the child has nothing to do with the toys that girls prefer. For this reason, children should be allowed to play with all kinds of toys. In particular, boys should exhibit a judgmental approach to toy preferences. Let your kids play with all kinds of toys and imitate the roles of the people they love.

Starting from the age of four, boys 'attention to gathering, puzzle blocks and girls' interests are also shifted to play dough, clay and similar materials at this age. As the child develops, the materials that he is interested in are diversified. However, the number of these devices at a young age is more limited. As a result, it can be said that boys like jigsaw, puzzle, assembling and configuration materials, and girls like materials with expression content, which can be shaped like paint and clay.

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